Tips On How To Make Money With League Of Legends

League of Legends is by far the most popular multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA game in the world as you can play it through your Windows or macOS.

LoL, popularity arose when they first introduced Dreamhack Summer 2011, the first tournament ever hosted by the Game Developer company, Riot Games.

It was a historical moment as eight (8) teams from different regions, North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe, the battle for the tournament prize pool amounting to the US $100,000.

The game grew together with its hype and million fanbases from different countries. With its fast development and non-stop tournaments annually, the game made a quiet mark in the development of video games to make it an electronic sport or Esports.

Players who considered amateurs during the first World Championships became pro players and instant celebrities, and most paid athletes in the world of video games. The game developers and publishers created a season system to allow every team to participate and win some large pool of money every year.

Make Money League Of Legends

Can You Make Money Playing League Of Legends?

Some people are still in doubt whether there’s a future in the game, or respectively playing League of Legends, but the answer is yes. However, it all depends on how dedicated you are or how you put so much time to be one of the best amateurs, pro players, or being a streamer.

With the rise of players, amateur and pro players, or just a streamer, shaping their skills in their respective streaming avenues like Twitch, HitBox, Youtube Gaming, Beam, etc. It created a vast of opportunities for others who are still new into the game by creating content to gain viewers, followers, and names in the industry.

But nowadays, most gamers play online games to earn money and be able to sustain their daily needs, especially at this time of the pandemic. Hence, here are some tips you should consider on how to make money playing league of legends:

Online League Of Legends Tournaments For Money

One of the famous avenues to make money playing league is through joining online tournaments. Online tournaments are available from different websites that offer the latest collegiate, local, amateur, or pro championships, respectively, depending on where you are.

Most online League of Legends tournaments for money do not just only offer cash prizes as rewards, but some features steam wallet codes that allow you to claim, and most of these codes are worth $30 each. Others also have gift cards from Google Play, Amazon, Steam, and others that would make you enjoy some freebies on the purchases you will make. Besides, other websites that have online tournaments also have rewards like subscription codes from popular streaming apps like Netflix, Apple Music, or Spotify.

It is up to you or your team to join these free online tournaments and make money out of it and if you are interested, here are our top three sites offer these events:


The best service channel ever existed as it does not only primarily airs game shows and competition-based programs but also esports games that are popular in the world. They offer a lot of free League of Legends tournaments that you can participate in or together with your other four (4) friends to make it as a team and compete with other participants on the quest rewards of cash prizes.

B. Challengermode

This site features daily, monthly League of Legends tournaments based on what location you are. And if you and your team would be able to win some matches, you will be able to climb to the ladder of leaderboards and might win some offers.


This is an underrated website as this allows you to play League of Legends for money, and their interface is easy to navigate and browse the current on-going events. They also feature a lot of popular esports today like Dota 2, Valorant, CSGO, and others.

Other than that, they are one of the few publishers who are active in the Esports scene as they also support and sponsor big tournaments on the development of the gaming industry.

Selling Your League Of Legend Account

Play league for money is one of the ways to sustain a player’s life, but on some, they sell their LoL accounts to make good profits. One of the reasons that you make a profit is that you are way ahead of others’ levels and in-game items. With this, you can easily create a good foundation on your next account.

One of the easiest techniques is to sell your account through middlemen websites like:

  • Playerauctions
  • G2G
  • Accountwarehouse

From these sites, you are not directly selling it to them, but they will be in your assistance to find a suitable buyer for the best price. To make sense, this means the account that you are vending to random users is one of the ways to see how many players are trying to scam your account’s information.

Moreover, if you are selling your account(s) from any of these websites, you have to:

  1. Fill out the form in which the website requires you to provide the information that they need, and the accuracy of the information provided will be the basis on the price of your account.
  2. Once you have done sending the necessary information, it is likely up to 24 hours for the manager of the website to review your submission form. And it needs a lot of time from them to look at the info you have given as they will also check it in the in-game preferences, which means you have to be very patient.
  3. The manager will email you the quote, and instructions will be followed for the final sale.
  4. The last thing that you have to do is that once the website or the manager gave you an offer with regards to the sale of your account, the payment is most likely in 24 hours at your convenience of the kind of payment method that you want.
  5. However, if you reject the offer, it will take weeks or other days before they will propose to you another sale price that is negotiable to your account.

tips on how to Make Money League Of Legends

Bet On League Of Legends

To make money with League of Legends is not a problem as there are plenty of options that you can choose from. However, if joining online tournaments and selling your LoL account(s) is not for you, then betting would be a good option.

Because League of Legends has one of the largest communities in the world, as it features one of the most advanced and extensive eSports parts of any game, the betting aspect is massive as you can bet real money on their tournaments and other events.

Check our top 10 betting sites on League of Legends who offer the best odds and welcome bonuses:

  • 22Bet
  • GG.Bet
  • 888Sport
  • RoyalVegas
  • Bovada
  • MyBookie
  • BetOnline
  • BetNow
  • ComeOn
  • Bet365

Account Boosting

One of the popular questions being asked today in the online forums is that “can you make money playing league of legends?” and most answers are not enough for other readers. But here, the answer is always yes.

If you want to earn some amount of money from your game match or other matches, an account boosting will do right for you. Account boosting, in general, is when someone, a friend of yours, or a total stranger in the net who offers money to you to play on his account and boost or level up his rank in the game.

And it is personally up to you if you take the challenge or not, but most players who offer this kind of service are those who have a high percentage to win in any match.

In some cases, there are websites that are specifically built for boosters, who have a list of prices on these kinds of services or the goal a customer wants on their accounts. In other cases, also, account boosting is like coaching individuals on how they can improve their knowledge of the game and be able to compete with others in a high ranked match.

Stream Or Upload Content On Any Video Game Streaming App

The trend nowadays to earn money by playing League of Legends is through streaming. Online video game streaming is an avenue where you will create content for your viewers or followers.

And once you have your series of contents or other things that will make your viewers subscribe to you, some of these followers will donate on your account, amounting from $1 to any amount.

Or if you will come to the point where you have a large set of viewers from different countries or regions, some live streaming apps like Twitch, HitBox, or Youtube Gaming, they will offer you some brand parent ships. In that way, you could earn more than the usual earning that you have.

Other than that, you can also promote your live streaming account by boosting it or promoting it in your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

One of the keys to promoting your profile is to have your brand, and being yourself is a factor to have this goal. You can also make your merchandise and let a popular model in the gaming industry model it.

Anyway, there are a hundred ways of earning money in playing League of Legends as it is up to you whether you apply all those things posted above or make your move.

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