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League Of Legends Esports

As you might guess, based on the above, League of Legends esports feels excellent. The world’s largest tournaments can confidently compete with such esports mastodons as Dota2 or CSGO. League of Legends tournaments can match them in terms of the number of fans and spectators and the size of the final prize pools. The money in this direction of e-sports is earnest.

In addition to several well-known world tournaments, there are many local and smaller ones. Every continent and almost every country with a developed cybersport culture has its LoL league. Many esports brands have their League of Legends teams along with Dota2, CSGO, TF2, and others.

Borrowing successful practices from its closest competitors, League of Legends generates prize pools for its major annual tournaments, mainly through crowdfunding. Each foremost League of Legends tournament is a full-fledged media event, news feed. The gaming press extensively covers these tournaments. They have their own online broadcasts on Twitch and Reddit. Of course, bookmakers include League of Legends events in the tournament brackets.

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How To Pick League Of Legends Gambling Site

Choosing a League of Legends betting site is a critical component of a beginner League of Legends gambler’s success. There may be significant differences between competing bookmakers. Some platforms and services offer more profitable odds. Others attract with an advanced affiliate program and bonuses for newbies. Still, others are actively promoting on popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Reddit.

It is imperative to choose a proven, reliable, and most suitable League of Legends betting site for you. When choosing, it is recommended to focus on factors such as deposit methods, withdrawal methods, live-updates, and tournaments cover. If you find it difficult to choose for one reason or another, you can always trust the professionals and read one of the many guides or reviews.

League Of Legends Betting Tips

Now that the League of Legends betting site has been verified and selected, it’s time to go directly to betting on League of Legends. I suggest that you carefully study a few simple rules. Some of them will concern primitive, but extremely useful in practice, straightforward advice. The second will directly suggest tactics and strategies for the most successful bet placement.

You Can’t Always Win

This simple truth must always be remembered. Even teams of professional League of Legends esports analysts cannot predict the outcome of every match. And these guys, by the way, take into account such an abundance of factors and nuances that we never even dreamed of.

League of Legends betting is always a lottery. A victory depends not only on analytics but also on luck. No one can win regularly – the profits of professional players appear at a distance. As the saying goes, no one can predict the outcome of a particular match, but a good forecaster can accurately predict the outcome of eight out of ten matches. Unsuccessful episodes and seasons, however, also happen.

Stay Calm

Defeat entails defeat. One mistake inevitably generates another. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to believe how enchanting and incredible a series of failures you have faced. A series of defeats invariably entails stress, decreased morale, and loss of confidence. You cannot think sanely in this state – wanting to make up for the lost as soon as possible. You will almost certainly take a rash risk.

Don’t Tilt

The teessentialrm “tilt” came to the world of gambling from poker. It characterizes the state of a player who, under the pressure of a mistake, starts making mistakes over and over again. The player can blame others for everything, weak teams, rock, and fate, but the truth remains unchanged. The truth is, once you’ve made a mistake and lost control of yourself. You’ll almost certainly make a series of new ones. It is very important to be able to timely detect the state of the onset of tilt, and once found, exhale, stop and postpone further League of Legends betting for several matches, hours, or days.

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League Of Legends Betting Strategies

The previous paragraph’s advice may seem ridiculous and simple, but staying calm is the way to increase your deposit instead of completely losing it. Now let’s dwell on less pressing issues. Several hints and alternative strategies are offered to your attention. It depends only on your decision which one to follow.

Current Form

In predicting a particular League of Legends match’s outcome, the team’s current form’s deep state plays a colossal role. When a traditionally stronger and more well-coordinated team loses to an outsider of the match, situations are not so rare. Bookmakers often cannot reasonably assess the current form of a team on time – changing the odds in favor of an outsider usually requires a protracted series of favorite failures. But you are not a bookie, and you do not have to apply all decisions based on the banal theory of probability.

If you see that a strong team is going through a difficult period in their esports career, then there is a chance to take advantage of this. This can happen due to a change in the roster, fatigue due to a huge number of major and local tournaments, the emergence of a new coach, or a meta to which the team did not have time to adapt appropriately. However, the reasons for this phenomenon are not so important – it is much more important that this can be used.

Team Strategy

It is always worth paying attention to each team’s strategy in the current League of Legends meta. Most teams have a number of the most successful strategies. Knowing each of them and the opponent’s similar pool of strategies, you can analyze this information and make several successful LoL bet predictions. By itself, the factor of team strategy cannot be decisive and does not guarantee the result, but the rest can help make a correct prediction.

Head To Head Analysis

An equally interesting factor for analysis is the personal history of team confrontations. There are cases when for one objectively strong team, a serious rival again and again suddenly turns out to be a well-known outsider for everyone. One particular weak team’s playstyle can be particularly frustrating for one particular objective fanatic. Sports analysts always pay attention to the history of teams’ personal meetings – I recommend you to do this too.

Hero Picking

The picks and bans stage is one of the last chances to make a weighted bet with static odds. Suppose you have a good understanding of League of Legends in general and the current meta in particular. You also know perfectly well the current champion pool of each player. In that case, you are most likely to make an error-free prediction at this stage.

The ability to make competent League of Legends predictions is a tough goal, but quite achievable. Knowing the game and its esports component well enough, the analyst can predict the outcome of many matches with a high probability. To do this, it is necessary to accurately highlight each individual’s most significant factors match from the rest.

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Match Winner

One of the popular so-called “safe” strategies is to place bets on the obvious favorite. The more obvious the favorite, the more reliable. This strategy assumes a slow but consistent increase in capital. In accordance with this strategy, you operate with almost no risk, betting on near-zero odds. In this case, you have to completely rely on LoL esports predictions from professional analysts and bookmakers.

Sounds simple and straightforward enough, doesn’t it? No. This strategy, contrary to popular belief, is extremely risky. Match underdogs win confrontations significantly more often than probability theory would like. Winning reliably repeatedly thanks to this strategy, with each win, you multiply your deposit by ridiculous pennies. And one single defeat can devalue the results of at least ten successful bets before.

One of the popular variations of this strategy is a more successful hybrid – express bets on the match-winner. By collecting several reliable LoL LCS predictions into a single multi bet, you significantly increase the profit from winning without greatly increasing the chances of losing. This strategy is often offered to beginners in all kinds of guides and LoL betting tips.

Match Loser

There is an alternative strategy, which is much more dangerous and risky. It consists of an exponentially increasing rate on the underdog. The gambler doubles the previous lost bet each time until the moment when the opposition outsider wins.

This strategy is much less common among other League of Legends betting tips. However, it is she, due to her extreme riskiness, who is able to offer the winner the most significant odds. A winning bet on an outsider in a match almost certainly means an incredible odds – usually from a pleasant 4 to a fantastic 18 or even 32. Since your victory is unlikely to happen on the first or second bet, the bet’s constantly doubling amount can reach very significant values …

I guess I don’t have to continue. Everyone already understands what a bet of several hundred or even thousands of dollars with a multiplier of eighteen is capable of. The main danger here is not to wait for the winning bid, having spent a fortune on the pursuit of fortune. This happens much less often than it should from the point of view of the theory of probability, but remember – this is an extremely aggressive and risky strategy. You can try to use it only at your own peril and risk.

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