9.14 LoL Patch Notes: Revolutionary Changes Incoming

The League of Legends 9.14 patch notes will make you head dizzy and your heart race: the patch introduces some great new features, as well as implementing incredible changes which will greatly modify, and hopefully improve, the game’s way of playing and its balance. If you are interested in knowing what this is all about, you’ve come to the right place since we have gathered all changes the 9.14 patch brings on, going straight to the point in such a way to allows you to quickly check the info you find interesting.

What Are the Changes About?

Five new counters (anti-shielding, anti-healing, anti-mobility, flat damage reduction, true sight), champions balances, Quality of Life changes like the new Death Recap, and, finally, the very first Teamfights Tactics patch notes. In fact, before the 9.14 TT never received separate notes, which is one of the reasons the patch is so exciting. Here is the list of the innovations of 9.14. We cover every section in detail down below.

  1. Champions
    • Counters
    • Balances
  2. Other in-game changes (Death Recap, Allied Chat)
  3. Teamfight Tactics

9.14 LoL Patch Notes

Champions Changes: Counters

  • Anti-shielding champions. Riot designed the new counter so that two champions could have the possibility to break the shields absorbing damage. In particular, the two champions are Blitzcrank and Renekton.

Blitzcrank’s Static Field (R) now removes shields on the targeted unit before dealing damage and silencing the ability’s effects.

Renekton’s Ruthless Predator (W) destroys existing shields on enemies before applying the existing effects, damage, and stun only when he gets empowered with 50 Fury.

  • Anti-healing champions. Instead of the healing reduction of max 40% present in other sources in the game, Katarina and Kled are receiving the buff of 20% more healing reduction, bringing it to a 60% maximum.

We are talking specifically about Katarina’s Death Lotus (R) and Kled’s Bear Trap on a Whole (Q), which now reduces, for an amount of 60%, all healing given to the enemies pulled by the champion for 5 seconds.

  • Anti-mobility champions. There was a need for such a counter in order to challenge those champions who have high mobility and are perhaps too overpowered, given their ability to get in and out of combat very fast. Three champions have received buffs that allow them to counter the high-mobility foes: Ahri, Cassiopeia, and Poppy.

Ahri’s Charm (E) now cancels every dashe that is in progress. However, her bonus damage duration has been lowered to 3 seconds from the previous 5.

Cassiopeia receives nice changes to both her W and E. Miasma has no longer a minimum cast range, but the maximum is now 700 instead of 800. Cooldown has been reworked, so it is higher early and lower late. The developers really want to encourage full rank ups of Cassiopeia’s abilities, since also Twing Fang has been amped; she got increased healing at now a flat cost.

About Poppy, she receives increased Steadfast Presence (W)’s bonus movement speed, as well as the ability to ground and slow by 25% for 2 seconds whenever she is able to stop them from casting a mobility ability.

  • Flat damage reduction champions. In order to counter those champions who deal damage-over-time, here we have two champions (Fizz and Leona) who, from patch 9.14 on, will receive less incoming damage by a specific, flat amount.

Fizz’s passive, Nimble Fighter, now passively reduces all types of damage received for a total max reduction of 50%.

  • Leona’s Eclipse (W) now grants pre-mitigation damage reduction, always capping at 50%, depending on her level. To contrast the buff, her armor and magic resistance are lower. Leona’s ultimate also received some minor nerfs.
  • True sight champions. Karma, LeBlanc, and Morgana now all have new or modified abilities that allow them to have full vision around them and reveal all enemies.

We are talking about, respectively, Focused Resolved (W), Ethereal Chains (E), and Soul Shackles (R). All three of these abilities provide to the caster a root or stun, which grants them true sight of everyone unfortunate enough to be caught by it.

Champions Changes: General Balances

Now it’s time to explain the changes and innovations regarding the other champions that didn’t receive any counter-ability like the five ones listed above. Forget about numbers; we give you the basic info about every change, so you don’t get too confused.

  • AAtrox

Base health regen growth is now higher.

World Ender (R) no longer revives the champion. Amplified self-healing is buffed, cooldown is nerfed.

  • Akali

Five Point Strike (Q)’s ratio has increased.

Twilight Shroud (W) cooldown doesn’t scale anymore as it is now flat, as well as the energy restore. No more duration extension (removed), and the stealth type has changed from Obscurity to Invisibility.

Shuriken Flip (E) deals an increased amount of damage, and the cooldown from Perfect Execution (R) has been nerfed since it is now higher.

  • Alistar

Base mana and mana growth buffed.

  • Aurelion Sol

Starsurge (Q) has now a longer max stun duration, and radius growth/s is increased.

The previous flat max movement speed given by Comet of Legend (E) now scales with in accordance to the level.

  • Bard

Base health buffed, health regen nerfed.

Travel speed from Magical Journey (E) is higher, while the ally bonus speed feature is now flat.

  • Diana

Fixed some ability bugs.

Crescent Strike (Q)’s arc speed is lower.

  • Galio

Galio’s passive doesn’t grant cooldown reduction anymore. Its cooldown and damage have been generally buffed, especially when in combination with the first ability, Winds of War.

  • Jayce

His attack damage has been decreased while his attack damage growth is higher, therefore granting balance to him.

Shock Blast (Q)’s base damage, and damage ratio has been modified.

  • Jhin

Deadly Flourish (W) cooldown has been decreased, and the duration of the root increased.

  • Kennen

Lower attack damage and attack speed, higher attack damage growth.

  • Lux

Light Binding (Q) cooldown has been modified, and its cost made flat.

Prismatic Barrier (W) now grants returning shields.

Final Spark (R)’s cooldown reset has been removed.

  • Malphite

Apart from being updated from a Quality-of-Life point of view, Seismic Shard’s slow is increased, and its slow duration decreased.

  • Mordekaiser

Passive base damage has been nerfed.

The magic penetration of Death’s Grasp (E) is now lower in the late game.

  • Neeko

Attack damage and attack speed are reduced, while attack damage growth and attack speed growth are increased. The Passive no longer breaks when the champion attacks enemies.

  • Nidalee

Base magic damage dealt with Swipe (E) is increased.

  • Pyke

Phantom Undertow (E) now stuns non-champions as well.

Death From Below (R) now grants additional gold to Pyke.

  • Ryze

His base health regen and health regen growth increased.

  • Singed

Poison Trail (E)’s timer has been buffed.

LoL Patch Notes

  • Swain

Swain’s mechanic Soul Fragments now restores mana and permanently increases maximum health.

Death’s Hand (Q) now pierces through minions but not through killed opponents anymore.

Demonic Ascension drains all nearby enemies, and Demonflare’s damage is tied to the health drained.

  • Sylas

The damage dealt by some abilities got buffed, and the cast range decreased.

Abscond (E) shield now blocks all magic damage for a specific amount of time. Cooldown is flat.

The AD/AP ratio conversion from Hijack (R) got nerfed.

  • Tahm Kench

Now stacks can no longer be applied by abilities; these are consumed immediately if Tongue Lash (Q)’s stun is casted.

Thick Skin (E) stores less Grey Health but heals for a higher percent. Its cooldown is reduced.

  • Urgot

Lower recast timer on Purge (W).

  • Yuumi

The Passive doesn’t restore mana anymore.

Prowling Projectile (Q) now deals lower empowered damage and has a higher cost.

Zoomies (E)’s cost, on the other hand, has been reduced.

Game Client Changes

Riot introduces some improvements and new functionalities with patch 9.14. We focus on two aspects.

  1. Death recap. It is now incredibly more useful since developers have included data on fights, stats about damage input and output, and an extended analysis on the sources of such damage.
  2. Allied chat. If you want to focus 100% on your game and your allies are annoying you, there is now the option to mute it simply by going to the settings. The option can be reversed at any time, although it still can’t block the allied chat before and after a game.

The Teamfight Tactics Patch

As anticipated, 9.14 is the patch with some real, serious TT patch notes. A part from small bug fixes and general improvements and balances, what is really big is that there is now finally a ranked mode. Climb the ladder and get ready, as the Beta ranked season is coming soon.

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