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The League of Legends esports direction is one of the strongest in the world at the moment. Few people can match League of Legends esports in the number of active viewers and the prize pools’ size. And where there is a lot of money, there is always a colossal interest in betting. In the end, there is little that can be more enjoyable than winning real cash while watching your favorite team triumph.

Fortunately for League of Legends fans, there are a fair number of larger and more local tournaments on the world stage today. Almost every reputable bookmaker considers it their duty to cover these events in due measure. You just have to choose one of them and start placing bets as soon as possible.

The most significant event in the world of League of Legends esports was and is the Continental League (LCL). This is a full-fledged analog of The International in Dota2 or ESL in CSGO, not inferior to them in popularity and scale. LCL, as it should be, has a fairly understandable and straightforward multi-stage structure. The tournament can be roughly divided into qualifying tournaments – the so-called “promotion tournaments” and the grand final, aka “playoffs”.

Any fairly large and popular tournament that cooperates with the LCL organizers can receive the status of a qualifying tournament. Teams earn points at the end of a full qualifying season. The total amount of points received determines which teams will form the main LAN tournament’s tournament bracket.

Meta in League of Legends esports is continually progressing and changing. Even top esports analysts are unable to provide sufficiently accurate League of Legends predictions for the outcome of an individual match or tournament. Thanks to the modern development of betting services, everyone can try themselves as a professional analyst. To do this, you just need to choose a reliable, verified LoL betting site and follow the simple tips that are set out below.

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How To Pick League Of Legends Gambling Site With Best Odds

Deposit Methods

Deposit methods. The factor is understandable, too primitive, if not obvious, but no less significant. Many bookmakers offer a variety of alternative payment systems to choose from. Others are limited to one or two and the ability to integrate into the Steam inventory betting service. The determining factor for the choice should be the availability of exactly the payment system you plan to use.

It is worth noting that Steam integration can be a good option for those who do not want to risk their money. This platform is not always popular among League of Legends players, but many of them came to LoL from CSGO or Dota and, quite possibly, have an impressive inventory on their Steam account. The most effective and simple way to use skins accumulated in the past, but not needed in the present, is to use them as a deposit for betting on League of Legends!

If this option is not right for you for some reason, you can always consider alternative options. These options can be Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, alternative internet wallets, or even cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawals are just as important as input. Attention should be paid to the abundance of alternative options for withdrawal, the absence of negative reviews and reviews, and an adequate withdrawal rate. A sufficient speed in the world of modern betting is considered to be the duration of the withdrawal of funds from an account, which does not exceed twenty-four hours. Many services and platforms can guarantee the speed of crediting funds to your wallet within an hour.

Tournaments Cover

Do you know this feeling when you want to bet on a match, but this match is not available in the bookmaker system of your favorite site? Extremely unpleasant, isn’t it? To prevent such situations from arising, it does not hurt to first check the depth of coverage of esports League of Legends tournaments on your website. A good sign will be coverage of not only major events on a global scale, but also smaller, more local tournaments.

Bonuses, Giveaways, Promo Codes

The next determining factor for choosing a League of Legends betting site should be the platform’s bonus program. The online betting market is actively developing; large gambling services are constantly competing and fighting for a new audience. The result of this struggle is really fantastic bonus programs. Some sites are literally ready to give you hundreds of dollars just to become a regular customer of a particular betting service.

Some starting bonuses involve doubling the first deposit. Others give the user a certain amount of free bets or add a random amount in coins. Alternative betting services try to dominate with the abundance of free giveaways. The chance of winning in such hands is traditionally minimal, but the industry has long figured out that giveaways can attract an audience like nothing else.

The bottom line is that starting bonuses can really give you a tangible advantage. A few minutes of searching and searching through several alternative platforms are not the most weighty reasons for merely giving up this advantage. Take your time; choose wisely.

Live Updates

Live updating of individual elements of a betting site is extremely important. Believe me; you do not want to face a stalled interface at the moment when you need to urgently cancel or add a live bet. In addition, the rapid updating of all platform components indirectly guarantees a reduction in the risk of distorted results.

The determining factor for the choice is the presence of a live chat and active communication of users there. An additional plus will be the availability of technical support in the format of a live chat with an operator. The widely used ticket system is not so bad, but live communication can help solve any problem that arises in record time.

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LoL Worlds Odds

If we are talking about LoL odds, then it’s worth noting that the starting bonuses and benefits can be very different between different bookmakers. I have already recommended you to pay attention to starting bonuses. Let’s try to figure out which sites are best for getting extra bonuses for League of Legends betting.

LoL Odds Changing

In terms of changing the odds, online betting is similar to traditional sports betting. The odds may differ slightly depending on the bookmaker’s office, but the behavior of the live odds during the match remains extremely predictable. The closer to the end of the match, the more unstable and floating the odds become.

At a certain moment, when the outcome of the match is almost a foregone conclusion, the coefficient on the losing team briefly reaches astronomical values. Immediately after this, as a rule, the bookmaker stops accepting bets on the match. Sometimes the losing team manages to masterly turn the outcome of the fight. In such cases, the victory is celebrated by those lucky ones who risked putting even the smallest amount on an outsider.

Where To Find Best League Of Legends Odds

Some bookmakers compare favorably with others in terms of the League of Legends odds offered. Traditionally, the most profitable are GG.Bet, Unikrn, and Luckbox. And for a good reason! Each of these betting sites offers really outstanding odds and bonuses when betting on League of Legends.

GG.bet Bonus Offer: 100% up to $250
+ daily bonuses
Unikrn Bonus Offer: 300% up to $450
+ daily bonuses for every bet
Luckbox Bonus Offer: 100% bonus for the first deposit

League Of Legends World Main Events

Local tournaments on different continents can be moderately interesting, but world tournaments attract really wide public attention. Every gambler wants to apply to bet on the League of Legends world tournament. Of course, League of Legends betting odds is most interesting for players and bookmakers in these tournaments.

The main League of Legends tournament is deservedly considered the LCL, which is divided into qualifying leagues and a LAN finalist tournament. All of the above bookmakers fully cover this event and offer gamblers all available LoL betting odds.

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