Picking The Best League of Legends Name

When it comes to selecting the username you want to use for a game or service, it can be a tricky decision, and this is the same with selecting your League of Legends summoner name. This is because your summoner name can only be changed by paying for it, so you cannot freely regularly change your name. The only alternative would be to create a new account, which is not an overly viable option.

There are a few different methods you can use to pick your LoL Summoner name, and they will all be broken down and explained through this guide.

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LoL Summoner Names

As mentioned, there are a few different methods that can be applied when you want to pick your summoner name on League of Legends. The first is possibly the easiest if you are stuck for creative options.

LoL Summoner Name Generator

If you’re stuck, load up any of the popular LoL name generators that are out there, and you’ll get some decent options thrown your way. For showcasing this, we used https://www.coolgenerator.com/lol-name-generator to pull up some examples. You can sell a list of our generated selections below:

  • Reticular
  • LunerAgnize
  • Parastatal
  • Hothead
  • Calaboose
  • Cataclysm
  • Buccaneer
  • Quibble
  • Pugnacious
  • Sempiternal
  • Zingiber
  • Sideslip
  • Waddle
  • Euphonium
  • JonopFriary
  • Magnetometer

What we would like to highlight here is that the more common names will likely already be taken since League of Legends has been around for quite some time now. What can be suggested here is adding numbers into the start or end.

If you need any more inspiration, here are some of the best summoner names from League of Legends professionals.

  • Faker
  • Aphroomoo
  • Doublelift
  • Meteos
  • WildTurtle
  • Bjergsen
  • Uzi
  • Xmithie

Using Real Names / Nicknames

Whilst it is commonly advised not to use your real name when it comes to this kind of thing on the internet, it is still an option people opt for. On the flip side, however, is deciding to use your nickname. Even with professional players across all forms of esports, you will commonly notice that many of them use their surnames or nicknames as their Gamertags. However, some add a bit of flair of your will to the surname to make it slightly more creative.

If you want something that holds some meaning and don’t like the idea of using a random generator, then this is likely the best option for you. There is always the potential to pay for a change in the future, but with using a nickname, it can be your gamertag for life.

Including Teams / Organisations

Now, this is an option but isn’t highly recommended. For example, if you played for 100 Thieves or Liquid, you can have the organization in front of your selected summoner name. For example, if you decided you wanted to use Hothead as your summoner, then the name would be ‘100 Thieves Hothead’.

The reason this isn’t recommended by many is because of how often esports players will decide to or be forced to change which team or organization they represent. Whilst it is possible to change the name when you change teams, it could become a very expensive experience.

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Summoner Name Conclusion

Above are the three best ways to help select what you want to be known as when playing League of Legends. As mentioned, using an esports team or organization wouldn’t be recommended, and we are big fans of using a nickname and adding some flair to it. This helps make your summoner name that bit more personal and relatable. If you’re truly stuck, unsure, or just do not really case, then use one of the many generators that are available out there.

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