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There are a ton of strategies you need to learn to maneuver if you are still new to the game. And choosing the right items is one of the hardest struggles for new players. The chance of spending their well-merited gold over a long list of league equipment they have no idea about makes them feel lost on where to begin. These new players often have questions on what specific things can do, when to buy them, or what is the best choice for a particular champion, and more. So, this article will help you by starting with the league of legends build guide for beginners.

League of Legends is an online game of strategy where two teams with five powerful champions battle to destroy each other’s base. There are over 140 champions to choose from and create an epic play. But since it’s a strategy game, your victory largely relies on your kills and taking down towers. And to do this, you need to overcome the most complicated part of the game, which is choosing the right things from the list of league items. Before we give you the full list of league build guides, we need to define what the word “item” means first.

All things that the champion wears in the league of legends means an object or artifact that came from the history of a place called Runeterra. It may seem unimportant, but in-game items act as enhancements for champions. Since only six pieces of equipment are allowed for each player to carry, choosing the best and most appropriate things for your champion can become the most significant step to achieve victory.

It can only be attainable at stores like the fountain, Ornn’s, and the Living Forge located throughout the map. It is also the reason why esports sites are famous because they offer these things through bonuses, deposits, winning odds, and matches. They sell it at esports sites with 70% of the total gold they have spent or with 40% of its total cost.

league of legends item guide 101

List Of League Items Explained

League of legends all items is a long and complicated list. Let us brief you first on its classifications and effects, then this LOL how to build items guide would surely be beneficial for you.


Let you filter the league of legends all items tab. You only need to open the shop menu and use the checkboxes on the left. Inside the checkboxes are the categories below.

Starter Items

This tab is the first category on all lists of league items. These items are available for gold purchases and are advisable for Jungling or Laning phases. Listed below are its actual in-game list of league items.

  • Cull
  • Doran’s Blade
  • Doran’s Ring
  • Doran’s Shield
  • Guardian’s Hammer
  • Guardian’s Horn
  • Guardian’s Orb

Tools Tab

The Tools tab has artifacts that are consumables, gold income, vision, and trinkets. Consumable means that it can be stacked and allow using the same item slot, but after performing its specific job, it permanently removes it from the inventory. Trinkets are considered item actives and do not occupy the given six-item slot but have its seventh slot that is only applicable for trinkets.

Potions and consumable items are:

  • Control Ward
  • Corrupting Potion
  • Elixir of Iron
  • Elixir of Sorcery
  • Elixir of Wrath
  • Health Potion
  • Oracle’s Extract
  • Refillable Potion
  • Scarecrow Effigy
  • Warding Totem

Defense Tab

The Defense tab has items that offer statistics like armor, health, regen, and magic resistance.

Attack Tab

The Attack tab has artifacts for attack speed, critical strike, damage, and life steal.

Magic Tab

The Magic tab has cooldown reduction items, mana and regen, and ability power.

Movement Tab

The Movement tab has boots and other movement items.


Tiers are another classification from the list of league items. It can be found in the upgrade tree with three divisions that are basic, advance, and finished. The basics do not require any component to be purchased. The advanced items include a basic and a combined cost for a specific recipe. And the finished ones consist of having at least one advance or basic artifact.

Basic LOL All Items

Aplifying TomeFaerie CharmRelic Shield
B.F. SwordHunter’s MacheteRuby Crystal
Blasting WandHunter’s TalismanSapphire Crystal
Boots of SpeedLong SwordSpectral Sickle
Cloak of AgilityNeedlessly Large RodSpellthief’s edge
Cloth ArmorNull-Magic MantleSteel Shoulderguards
Dark SeaRejuvenation Bead

Advanced LOL All Items

Aegis of the LegionCaulfield’s WarhammerForbidden Idol
Aether WispChain VestFrostfang
Bami’s CinderChalice of HarmonyGiant’s Belt
Bilgewater CutlassCrystalline BracerGlacial Shroud
Bramble VestExecutioner’s CallingHarrowing Crescent
Catalyst of AeonsFiendish CodexHaunting Guise
Hex Core mk-1Oblivion OrbStalker’s Blade
Hex Core mk-2PhageStinger
HexdrinkerQuicksilver SashTargon’s Buckler
Hextech RevolverRecurve BowTear of the Goddess
Jaurim’s FistRunesteel SpauldersTiamat
KindlegemSeeker’s ArmguardVampiric Scepter
Kircheis ShardSerrated DirkWarden’s Mail
Last WhisperSheenZeal
Lost ChapterSkirmisher’s Sabre
Negatron CloakSpectre’s Cowl

Finished LOL All Items

Abyssal MaskBloodthirsterFrozen Mallet
Adaptive HelmBoots of MobilityGargoyle Stoneplate
Archangel’s StaffBoots of SwiftnessGuardian Angel
Ardent CenserBulwark of the MountainGuinsoo’s Rageblade
Athene’s Unholy GrailCinderhulkHextech GLP-800
Banshee’s VeilDead Man’s PlateHextech Gunblade
Berserker’s GreavesDeath’s DanceHextech Protobelt-01
Black CleaverDuskblade of DraktharrIceborn Gauntlet
Black Mist ScytheEdge of NightInfinity Edge
Blade of the Ruined KingEssence ReaverIonian Boots of Lucidity
BloodrazorFrozen HeartKnight’s Vow
Liandry’s TormentRabadon’s DeathcapStormrazor
Lich BaneRanduin’s OmenSunfire Cape
Locket of the Iron SolariRapid FirecannonThornmail
Lord Dominik’s RegardsRavenous HydraTitanic Hydra
Luden’s EchoRedemptionTrinity Force
ManamuneRighteous GloryTwin Shadows
Maw of MalmortiusRod of AgesUmbral Glaive
Mejai’s SoulstealerRunaan’s HurricaneVoid Staff
Mercurial ScimitarRunic EchoesWarmog’s Armor
Mercury’s TreadsRylai’s Crystal ScepterWarrior
Mikael’s CrucibleSanguine BladeWit’s End
MorellonomiconSeraph’s EmbraceYoumuu’s Ghostblade
Mortal ReminderShard of True IceZeke’s Convergence
MuramanaShurelya’s ReverieZhonya’s Hourglass
Nashor’s ToothSorcerer’s Shoes
Ninja TabiSpellbinder
Pauldrons of WhiterockSpirit Visage
Perfect Hex CoreStatikk Shiv
Phantom DancerSterak’s Gage

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Enchantments are also a classification for a group of a list of league items upgrades that give the same effect to different ones. However, these upgrades are only available for the jungle purposes in Tier 2.


Items often provide buffs to champions while also improving their statistics or provide other benefits.

  • Stat buffs are the most common grant among items to improve the champion’s statistics.
  • Active effects are the same as champion abilities. These are temporary items and activate by clicking it. Same with champion skills, these items also have a cooldown.
  • Passive effects are like the champion’s innate ability that is always active when equipped.
  • Auras are unique effects that act as buffs or debuffs and affect nearby enemy or friendly units.
  • Unique items need a purchase of two identical items and grants ability only once. It grants either cooldown reduction or spells vamp as a basic stat.


By applying the league of legends item guide stated above, it will help you and your team win the game. Follow this guide to learn the league of legends stuff to buy. You only need to remember that all items in the league of legends have different purposes with a category and effects.

If you master those including the items recipe and tiers, then you are considered good on LOL how to build items. This league of legend item guide has also discussed how real money has been generating in the game. League of legends item builds are not easy to master, but this league of legends item guide is here to keep as your reference.

This league of legends items guide for beginners may not be complete, but we hope to have shared some knowledge for you to start playing.

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