Best LoL Skins 2023

As one of the most popular video games in the past decade, there’s no surprise that League of Legends skins are an incredibly popular aspect of the game. Players can earn experience and points to work towards obtaining their favorite LoL skin, or they can simply purchase the skins using their preferred payment method.

There are a vast amount of skins out there at this point, and we wanted to take a look at the best options that were released not only in 2020 but also the best in the game as a whole.

What Are The Best Skins?

Let’s first focus solely on the LoL skins that were released in 2020; whilst there were a good number of options, we’ve picked out our top three that were released this year. Keep in mind that there were 120 unique skins released this past year, so there’s plenty to choose from.

League of Legends Skins 2020

Astronaut Gnar

Astronaut Gnar LoL

Possibly one of the cutest champions in the game, this initially went under the radar compared to others released around the same time back in May. One of the more unique features of this skin is that it has two forms with completely unique designs based on if he has transformed or not.

When his original, smaller version, Gnar wears a nice little astronaut suit with his bushy tail hanging out the back whilst he navigates around the map. Meanwhile, once he transforms, the suit is no more as Gnar bursts out of it and becomes a massive monster of space, leaving just his helmet.

Cosmic & Dark Cosmic Lux

Cosmic & Dark Cosmic Lux LoL

This Lux skin is very similar to how Gnars’ Astronaut works. With the Cosmic Lux transporting us back to the Event Horizon skin lines, where the respective champions would represent celestial beings with the abilities and powers to shape the universe how they see fit.

Within this universe, Lux is the right hand of the rule of the stars, Cosmic Queen Ashe. Whilst this good side of Lux can be used to weave constellations and keep the universe in order, she does contain a dark side that could lead to her betraying her Queen Ashe and the allies.

The Cosmic & Dark Cosmic Lux came in two purchasable versions and came with a new voice and ethereal visual and audio effects. It’s without a doubt one of the best skins that were introduced in 2020.

Spirit Blossom Thresh

LoL Spirit Blossom Thresh

Finally, making our top three list for 2020 LoL skins is the Spirit Blossom for Thresh. As one of the more successful League of Legends events in 2020, and several fantastic designs being released throughout it, Spirit Blossom Thresh was up there as one of the bests.

With a purple-themed visual and new audio effects, a brand new voiceover, and hosting the ability to transform from demon to human self in-game, this Thresh was so refreshing and engaging for players. Additionally, the souls that were connected to Threshs’ passive changed from the simple sprites to flowers that float over the Summoner’s Rift (the League of Legends map). There was even a dance featuring a new song that plays from his lantern.

Additional LoL Skin Recommendations

There was a long list of options when selecting the top three skins of 2020, but we wanted to show some love on other great skins available that do not necessarily have to be released this past year.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin

LoL Skin Splash Storm Dragon Lee Sin

This skin features arguably some of the best artwork and in-game animations that League of Legends have managed to create. It brought some changes to Lee Sin, including his ponytail being removed from the splash and in-game model. Some fans didn’t like seeing this change, as they thought it made the skin less visually interesting. However, the overall concept is still incredible.

True Damage Senna Prestige Edition

True Damage Senna Prestige Edition

Senna, known as ‘The Redeemer’ who is also Lucian’s wife in the League of Legends universe, has received some incredible skins since being debuted in the game. With being so popular, Senna even became part of the 2019 World Championship virtual group ‘True Damage’, which is what led to the prestige edition, which was designed partly by Louis Vuitton Artistic Director of Women’s Collections Nicolas Ghesquière.

With royal colors featuring black, white, gold with a hint of blue, it is truly one of the most unique and incredible skins we have seen in League of Legends in recent years.

High Noon Lucian

LoL High Noon Lucian

Now, this just looks fantastic. The ‘Purifier’ that is Lucian runs the show in the Wild West with this skin. This High Noon Lucian is a half-human and half devil being over to seek revenge for his wife Senna, who is mentioned above. Lucian’s original light pistols get transformed into a golden gun in his left hand and a demonic gun on his right with this skin.

What makes it even better is the particle effects for his unique abilities, which showcases a fiery orange that then fades to a smokey black after it’s been cast. When you use his ultimate ability, ‘The Culling’, Lucian will then transform into a complete demon.

Solar Eclipse Leona

LoL Solar Eclipse Leona

The final skin being showcased in our best LoL skins list is the Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona. When it came to the Spirit Blossom line, Riot attempted to introduce more anime-style designs, but there were already some marks of this anime-style art within the game.

This Lunar Eclipse Leona looks like your typical, formidable warrior from any medieval themed anime show; for those that enjoyed the first season of Sword Art Online will likely love this design. Although each version has the same style of armor, the spell animations color schemes do change, completing. Take a look at this amazing skin below.

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