League Of Legends – Game Review

Today we will talk about one of the most successful and popular games at the moment – League of Legends. Surely almost everyone knows that this is a direct competitor to the titan from Valve, Dota2, in the field of multiplayer session MOBA games. LoL was developed by a small and little-known at that time American company Riot Games back in 2009.

It was the heyday of the genre in general and the Dota2 project in particular. What started out as a fan-made multiplayer map for Warcraft 3 quickly surpassed in popularity not only Warcraft itself but also on almost any other gaming market project. The success of Dota2 seemed phenomenal, unrepeatable. And, nevertheless, almost everyone tried to repeat and surpass it.

Some of you may remember a long line of all kinds of clones of varying degrees of popularity and success. There were Heroes of Newerth, Paragon, and, of course, the unforgettable Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard. They all failed – some miserably and immediately, others slowly and sadly lived out their days, while the developers watched in horror at the monthly decreasing rates of game activity.

That’s when League of Legends came out. A well-built clone with visually pleasing graphics, stunning optimization, and very loyal requirements for your gaming device’s technical characteristics. High-quality performance in matters of gaining super popularity is naturally not enough – League of Legends, in addition, could offer bright and well-developed lore and fascinating and unique characters.

League Of Legends logo

League of Legends has been extremely successful. All players who disagreed with the position of Dota2 development left for the game. Players who preferred a bright visual style and spectacular battles to dozens, if not hundreds of minutes of endless grinding and farming, left the game.

League of Legends very soon acquired hundreds of thousands of dedicated and committed fans. Riot Games actively promoted and promoted the project – a spectacular and spectacular cinematic was necessarily filmed for each new gaming season or event. In the League of Legends universe, both developers and fans drew great art, filmed funny and not very animated videos. The idea of an ​​internal multiverse within the framework of events was extremely successful – beloved champions could become both cowboys in the wild west and ruthless killers from a gloomy and bleak, not too distant future.

League of Legends has long been the only project of Riot Games studio. And the company devoted all its time and attention to the development of this project. While Dota was drowning in indifference, overtly controversial innovations, and tons of hacky skins to siphon money from the audience, League of Legends got better and more sophisticated.

Due to some key differences, such as smaller map size, faster game speed, and a colossal amount of non-targeted skills, the gameplay of League of Legends was fundamentally different from many counterparts in detail. Fans generally think that these differences are good for LoL versus its competitor from Valve. At the same time, every year, more and more conservative Dota players grab their heads at each new patch’s descriptions. Disappointed with the game, they either leave the genre or migrate to League of Legends.

League Of Legends – Gameplay

League Legends players are divided into two teams of five. Each player in the game has his role, depending on which one of the more than two hundred available champions is chosen. Some champions are relatively versatile; others are designed to play a specific role. There are three lines on the game card – center, top, and bottom. The forest is considered a separate line – unlike Dota2, an off-line hero is almost mandatory in any severe match.

Each player on the map has their own goals. Supports deploy wards and save their late champion from sudden death. Damage carry heroes earn gold and try to get the necessary artifacts as quickly as possible – without forgetting to help the team in battles actively. Off-liners deal with forest minions and try to catch and destroy as many enemy heroes, a few are possible. The miders are trying to win their lanes – and at the right time, move to provide support to any other.

However, all champions have one global value – to destroy the ancient shrine in the center of the opponent’s base. The moment the main structure of one of the teams is destroyed, the match is immediately reduced. This concept, simple and straightforward in its essence, hides an extremely interesting competitive and impressively varied gameplay.

Like any good MOBA, League of Legends has endless replayability. Each game is not similar to the previous one, and a multitude of micro tasks for each champion within one match does not let you get bored. It is quite easy to learn how to play League of Legends, but you can improve your game skills almost endlessly.

League Of Legends Champions

At the moment, the game has a little less than one hundred and fifty unique champions with their abilities, passives, and play style. To play League of Legends really well, a good player needs to know just about everyone. Only by having perfect knowledge of the opponent’s techniques and abilities gambler can understand what to expect and how to defend against it.

As such, the threshold for entering the professional League of Legends is incredibly high. The game requires a perfect reaction, amazing micro-control, and a phenomenal understanding of macro-strategy and global tactics, depending on the match’s situation. Depending on their abilities and functions performed, all champions can be divided into six main areas.


The easiest way to describe this type of champion is with the phrase “glass canon”. They are incredibly deadly and can wipe out almost any opponent in one-on-one combat. Assassins are distinguished by fantastically high explosive damage – one of these champions, with the proper separation in the level, is able to send almost any hero to the tavern for a full cast.

However, the Assassins themselves are, at the same time, unusually vulnerable. If such a champion falls into a cleverly placed trap or simply meets at the wrong time with several opponents, he will not go anywhere with the greatest probability. Assassins prefer to catch one or more enemy heroes one by one before a massive battle. And having received a numerical advantage, they help the team to the best of their ability to deal with the rest.


Mages prefer to dominate through the power of their spells. Many of them are also capable of inflicting huge damage, but the damage of a magical nature and, as a rule, do it from a distance. An amazing magic spell casting is capable of destroying almost anyone – however, the magician is at the same time practically defenseless. If you win positioning and get close to the mage before he starts throwing lightning and fireballs in all directions, there is a chance to get a huge advantage from the beginning of the battle.


Champions, most of whom develop their potential in the late stages. They are capable of consistently high damage output – the longer the shooter attacks the target unhindered, the more likely the team is to succeed. Unlike magicians or assassins, arrows, in most cases, do not depend on recharging skills and are able to simply destroy all living things with their auto-attacks.


The fighter is a seven-class champion. As a rule, they have enough health to withstand enemy attacks long enough. These champions can usually initiate an offensive – the fighter breaks into the enemy team and uses his abilities to cause maximum discord and chaos. The rest depends on team coordination.


The tank is a living mountain of armor or meat, a monstrous and immortal monster that can absorb a ton of damage and ask for more. This is what a real champion tank should look like. A good tank should cause enough trouble for the opposing team, not to be ignored. The opposing team should be positioned with all their might in such a way as to attack first of all anyone, but not the tank.


A cheerleader is a champion who spends most of his income for the good of the team. He provides vision, acquires artifacts with massive buffs or debuffs. Basic attacks with support are usually not dangerous, but their abilities are either unpleasant enough to be reckoned with or, on the contrary, significantly strengthen allies.

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League Of Legends Betting Online

You can bet on League of Legends along with many other esports disciplines. Most serious bookmakers with a bias in esports coverage include LoL events in their grids.

League of Legends is one of the premier esports destinations on the planet. There is an unimaginable number of services for League of Legends betting. Depending on the bookmaker, odds and promotions may be offered to the gambler, but any major bookmaker almost certainly supports betting on LoL.

Apart from esports betting, such betting sites often have built-in online casinos with various gambling modes. Skin betting for League of Legends is unfortunately not very common. However, on many sites, you can bet on LoL using in-game items from Dota2 or CSGO as a deposit. Simply put, there are absolutely no problems with online betting on League of Legends. It all depends solely on the preferences and desires of the player.

How To Choose Website For League Of Legends Gambling

Among the many different betting services on the market, it can be difficult to find the most suitable one. User reviews and professional reviews can help in this – if you try, you can find a review for every even slightly popular site. When choosing a League of Legends betting site, you need to pay attention to a few basic signs.

Games Offered

The first and foremost thing to check is whether your chosen bookmaker covers League of Legends esports events. If it turns out that it does not cover, and you have already made a deposit, it will be quite a shame. It is also highly recommended to check the coverage depths of major and local events. Sometimes it can be very frustrating to find that the match you would like to bet on is simply not on the list.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

It will be helpful to pay attention to the proposed deposit methods. Quality services offer various options to choose from – various payment systems, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and Steam inventory. Here, however, it is not so much the wide assortment itself that is important, but the availability of a payment system that suits you among the proposed ones.

As a rule, there are many more problems and difficulties with withdrawing funds than with making a deposit. Check out the reviews and reviews, see the suggested terms and withdrawal systems. The adequate duration of the operation is up to 24 hours. The widest possible range of available methods is welcome. Choose popular and well-known League of Legends gambling sites – for them, reputation is much more critical than your relatively small winnings.

Promotions, Promo Codes, And Giveaways

Always pay attention to bonuses – don’t give up extra income when needed. A free increase in your deposit can multiply your chances many times over – even if you are betting just for fun, it’s still nice to get a bonus for free, and you don’t risk anything. Nowadays, promotional codes can be found literally around every corner – a few minutes, and the help of a search engine is all that is needed to start.

Promotions can often offer you a deposit match – a free doubling of your first deposit. Few would pass up the opportunity to get an extra four hundred dollars for the four hundred already deposited, right? It is almost impossible to win in the hands. However, at the same time, participating in them, you do not risk anything at all.

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Best LoL Betting Sites 2020

Many betting sites support betting on League of Legends, but some of them are objectively better than most competitors. The services presented below fully comply with each of the principles described in the previous paragraph – almost everyone can choose something suitable for themselves in this list.


GG.Bet is undoubtedly one of the best bookmakers at the moment when it comes to esports itself. And it’s not just League of Legends – GG.bet itself is amazing. This LoL betting site combines a full-fledged bookmaker’s office with a pleasant ergonomic interface and an advanced beginner support program.


Another great service for betting on League of Legends esports. The site offers full coverage of major and local tournaments, instant updates, and record-fast withdrawal of winnings to almost any of the existing payment systems.


A great alternative for those who, for some reason, did not like any of the options above and still want to apply LoL bet predictions. ArcaneBet features an amazing speed of live updates, prompt and responsive technical support, a large number of free giveaways, and special promotions.